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评审结果 | 小梅沙海岸带详细规划国际咨询方案

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经过评审委员会对提交的设计成果进行审议及投票,最终确定MLA+ B.V.+Colliers International (Hong Kong) Limited+戴水道景观设计咨询(北京)秒速牛牛注册联合体为第一名。


评审委员会认为第一名设计方案较为全面,融合山、海资源综合布局,以游客的角度展开小梅沙的旅游探索,包括规划设计、交通、旅游、业态功能等方面的考虑,同时也考虑了后期运营。设计思考的范围非常广泛、细致,同时优化现有的规划成果,加深了小梅沙地标建筑的印象。 方案中的水下观光展馆能够应对台风,顾及海洋生物多样性,还考虑到水的供给、循环,将原来生态的薄弱之处转变成旅游产业的亮点,不仅是设计上的美观,也引领了未来的海域发展的方式。
The Proposal Review Meeting of International Consultation for Detailed Planning of Xiaomeisha Coastal Zone, Shenzhen was held on October the 25th, 2019, at the Room 209, The Planning Buliding, 8009 Hongli West Road, Futian, Shenzhen. The jury team comprises 9 experts ; Dong Guanzhi, Li Lanfang, Tom Leader, Henk Ovink,--- Shi Kequan, Shen Tongsheng, Yu Xingguang, Zhu Rongyuan, Qiu Gang ), and Zhu Rongyuan is the chairman of jury members.


After deliberation and voting by the Design Evaluation Committee, the consortium formed by MLA+ B。V。+Colliers International (Hong Kong) Limited+RAMBOLL STUDIO DREISEITL has been finalized as the first place winner。


The Design Evaluation Committee finds the first-place winning design comprehensive. Integrating mountain and sea resources, the design leads a tour to Xiaomeisha in the eyes of a tourist. It takes into account planning, traffic, tourism and functional trade as well as subsequent operation, presenting extensive and meticulous thinking. The optimized existing planning also enhances people’s impression of the landmark building of Xiaomeisha。


The proposed underwater sightseeing hall has considered measures against typhoon, marine biodiversity, as well as water supply and circulation. It turns ecological weakness to an aesthetic tourist highlight, setting an example of future ocean development.




+Colliers International (Hong Kong) Limited



+Colliers International (Hong Kong) Limited


小梅沙是紧邻都市却又享受山海的海湾。设计希望她弥合 “深圳精神”中温柔的一面,代表深圳的独特海洋文化。方案分三大策略:





Xiaomeisha is a quiet bay adjacent to the city, enjoying the mountains and sea。 She revives the gentle and romantic side of the "Shenzhen Spirit", looking for a bit leisure in the high-efficient life。 She represents the unique marine culture belonging to Shenzhen and continue to feed on the Shenzhen people who are tired of pursuing their dreams。 The project proposed 3 strategies:

Re-connection means re-connecting mountains, people and the sea and activate their potentialities. emphasizes the joint development of mountains, city and sea, and greatly strengthen the good ecological base of Xiaomeisha and the "small but delicate" mountain-sea pattern. Focus on the organization of the traffic and pedestrian flow, relying on transportation and facilities to create a comfortable tourism and living circle.

Resilience represents an eco-safety concept of dealing with environmental issues. It's a bidirectional balance between nature and human beings. The design strengthens the mountain and sea habitat restoration of Xiaomeisha ecology, promotes the resilient bay of ecological disaster prevention integration, meticulously maintains the mountain ecology, and builds an elastic coast that combines soft and hard strategies.

Revival is the travel guidance of Xiaomeisha。 Five theme routes enrich the various modes of "mountain, sea and city" tours。 She conveys the values of environmental protection。 Through cooperation with Yantian carbon coins, it increases public participation, forms a good mutual trust relationship with the community, enhances environmental awareness, and organically develops Xiaomeisha。







Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen

+Tekuma Frenchman Urban Design LLC

+The Pearl River Hydraulic Research Institute

小梅沙山海资源丰富,拥有距离深圳都市最近的珊瑚群落。珊瑚,作为小梅沙海洋生境的缩影,是海洋文明的传承者, 也是生态、艺术和科学的有机结合体。以“珊瑚海岸,回归湛蓝”为设计主题,以“生息珊瑚海、湛蓝海公园、无限未来湾”为设计策略,致力于营造以珊瑚为核心的海陆生境以及丰富的海洋生活,并且开创性地提出以生态增益为导向的用海策略,实现海城共荣共生。小梅沙将探索海岸带创新发展先行示范,为海洋命运共同体贡献新时代的中国智慧。


Xiaomeisha is rich in mountain and ocean resources and features the closest coral community to the center of Shenzhen. Corals, as the epitome of Xiaomeisha's marine habitat, are the inheritor of marine civilization. They are also highly valuable in terms of ecology, art and culture, and science. Our design proposal highlights the theme of ‘Coral Coast, Returning to the Ocean Blue。 Supported by three key design principles - Living Coral Sea, Ocean Blue Park, Infinite Future Bay, the scheme aims to enhance sea and land habitats, and enrich marine life。 Its goal is to realize a true integration between the city and the ocean through the 'Ecology-Oriented Development Strategy'。 Xiaomeisha will pioneer an innovative coastal development, and commit to building a global oceanic community with a shared vision。






+CCCC Water Transportation Consultants Co.,Ltd






The planning is based on the good resource of Xiaomeisha’s mountain & sea integrated , taking advantage of Shenzhens "Jurassic Coastline" IP, we put forward the "Xiaomeisha time-travel coast, mountain & sea infinite bay" vision.

With the more nature & more flexibility & more experiences as featured highlights, Xiaomeisha coast time travel is used as core image of the planning. Integrating the whole Xiaomeisha coast by connecting Beizai Cape, Origin Marina, Beach Park and Dunzhou Island these four destination, to start a time travel journey from the beginning of time to the future.

At the same time, the planning also integrates the theme into the design, inspiring from nature and culture, extracting 6 major design vocabularies which are "lava, trees, rock, beach, ocean, sky", to create a multilevel unique coastal image.

With Xiaomeisha's mission and concept of inheriting the time-honored origin and connecting the beautiful future, the goal is to build Jurassic coastline into the largest tourism IP in Shenzhen, and Xiaomeisha coast will become an ecological, creative, dynamic world-class coastal tourism destination!












In the design of Xiaomeisha, we listen to the double expectation of human and nature to Xiaomeisha from the third perspective. The design uses the bio-design idea to create a natural city life framework for the aerodynamic and fluid dynamic logic. The optimal solution design is calculated by the big data algorithm. The panoramic preview is simulated in the past, present and future. The overall positioning of "Life Coast, Coral Charming Bay" will break through the traditional design, ensuring accurate implementation through the four strategies of Resilience Bay, Eco-Bay, multi-dimension Bay and Charming Bay, and constructing a very resilient and dynamic in Xiaomeisha with algorithmic logic. The super life complex creates a unique ecological marine development brand.







OKRA landschapsarchitecten B.V.

+Shenzhen Institute of Building Research Co.,Ltd.

+Waterstudio.nl B.V.

+Stichting Wageningen Research, Wageningen Environmental Research



With the vision of "Growing with the coast", based on the integrated urban natural solutions of the state of the art climate adaptation, water-sensitive design and biodiversity enhancement, the design creates environment for the development of Marine and land ecology through the design schemes of estuary purification, natural coastal defense (sand dunes and oyster) and coral park。 By positioning a large part underground connected to the metro opens up possibilities to create space in the urban development for nature into town。 A flexible floating island inspired by coral creates a symbiotic relationship between nature and architecture。 These elements will inspire an infinite mountain-river-bay and ocean linkage and create a natural bay ecological seaside town。 In the future, it will be not only seasonal visits, but a year-round blue economy。







Shenzhen LAY-OUT Planning and Design Consultants Co.Ltd

+Why Art Projects SL

+Shenzhen Hispeed Boats Technology Co。,Ltd

+South China Sea Institute of Planning and Environmental Research

+Cccc-Fhdi Engineering Co.,Ltd





In the scheme, the concept of "boundless new marine paradise" is put forward. Based on the fractal theory and the integrated design of land and sea, and considering the ecological protection, disaster prevention and the feasibility of engineering technology, the sea area utilization mode is innovated to expand the limited space of Xiaomeisha resort.

The coastal line of Xiaomeisha resort is activated by three key areas of floating island, sand dune beach and original stone on the sea, and the above-mentioned landmark nodes are reached through a number of different sea and land experience routes。

In the plan, by reviewing the natural and historical features of Xiaomeisha, the traditional water culture of DanJia is reshaped and enhanced, which is integrated with the design of sand dune beach and floating island on the sea, so as to create a small, refined, special, new, strange, interesting and ingenious new coastal leisure and holiday destination。